Last night was our first live episode of Big Brother on CBS. It was a night filled with more drama, evictions, and a new HOH. Let’s get you all caught up to date on Big Brother.

Willie Vs. Frank


So far I’ve heard from people that love Willie, and then there are people who hate him. I was a fan of him for the first episode. After that, I think he’s just destroyed his whole game. He’s not like his brother Russell, but his game play is just as bad. He went from being liked, to being hated by everyone in the house in less than a week! Just doesn’t make sense. On last night’s episode we got to see Willie confronting Frank in the backyard. This turned into a huge blow-up. Willie is gunning for Frank to go home. But here’s the problem from this fight: Willie blew up on Frank in front of everyone. Willie turned so many people against him that keeping Frank sounds more likely because Willie will be Frank’s next target.

Frank Vs. Kara


We asked you all week through a poll on who you thought was going home. 57% voted Kara, 42% voted Frank. How did the house vote?

Danielle voted for Frank

Shane voted for Frank

Joe voted for Kara

Ian voted for Kara

JoJo voted for Frank

Jenn voted for Kara

Wil voted for Kara

Ashley voted Kara


Kara was sent packing as we predicted. One big fan, Hugh Hefner, was rooting for Kara so I’m sure she will get something out the deal.



HoH Competition


This week’s HOH contest was a memory game. After a few questions it came down to Frank and Wil. They kept giving the same answers a few times but finally we got a winner…. Our new HoH is…..



New Coach Twist This Week


Julie informed us that this week’s coaches’ competition will give the winner two options. They can either choose to save one of their players or trader a player for another.

Dave’s Predictions


It seemed that my prediction of Kara being sent packing came true. It makes total sense to keep Frank after the Willie backyard incident. Willie has such a huge target on his back, which I’m guessing Frank will use to his advantage. My predictions for nominations are Willie and Shane. Shane is another strong competitor and seems to be on Willie’s side. Also, Shane didn’t choose to save Frank with the Veto.

Let’s talk coaches. This new twist for next week could make or break a coach’s game. Imagine if Brittney could get ride of Willie? She wouldn’t lose someone next week. I’m still thinking it’s only a matter of time before the Coaches enter the game anyways. Brittney said it on TV. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of weeks.


But what do you think? Who do you think will be put up for nomination? Cast two votes here.