Last night our first Houseguest of the season went home. Also, another Big Brother first, the HOH competition had to be looked over.

Joey tried something you could never imagine to try and save herself from the block, she unveiled her new alter ego "Alex." Alex went around and screamed at the house guests to not vote her...I mean him...out. So why in the world would she do this? Joey explained that she was tired of guys like Caleb and Devin running things, so she dressed up like a man and tried to convince everyone that they shouldn't be afraid of people like that. Unanimously, everyone voted Joey out.Joey is the first victim of #bb16.

After the eviction the contestants took part in another Head of Household competition, where they had to carry fake kegs of beer across a balance beam. Amber came out on top in the women's contest, Cody was initially crowned the champ for the men. However, Julie had to look it over because it didn't seem the case. Looking back at the tapes, you would see Cody had his foot hit the ground. The title of HOH went to Devin.

Donny became the second person voted into the secret Team America alliance.

The two new Heads of Household will make their nominations for the next eviction when "Big Brother" returns on Sunday at 8:00PM.


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