If you're a huge fan of Big Brother, you've heard of the BB Takeover part of this current season. We were promised each week a new twist. However, CBS hasn't delivered on that promise at all.

CBS promised fans this season that their would be a twist that would “feature a surprise guest each week who will appear on the show to announce a new twist into the game” and there will be “ever-changing twists that shake up life inside the house on a weekly basis.” After just three weeks, this twist disappeared.


According to Reality Blurred, Julie Chen explained that the twist was axed because there were "more interesting things happening".

“We had so much going on, it was better to focus on the pure game–because the game is genius–and the twin twist. You don’t want to give the viewers too much to balance out between, ‘Oh, the power of veto. Oh the double HOHs.’ There was enough going on. You have to clean up a little bit. Pure game.”"

But why did they promise and not deliver? It was suppose to make the game more interesting and keep houseguests on their toes 24/7.

Why did Big Brother promise a new twist each week and not deliver?

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