How To Make Everything Chili
With Chili-Palooza 2012 right around the corner, we’ve been providing the best Chili recipes on the web. If you’re looking for a Chili that’s very tasty and is nutritious this is your chili. This everything chili is full of beans and veggies. What could be better right?
Top 10 CNY Sports Stories EVER! – The Clinton Comets
Rather than going out to clubs or staying home, everyone used to go to the Clinton Arena for hockey on Saturday nights, well at least for 2300+ people! Were you one of em? Although it's great to see some good ball, or in this case 'puck', the team to root for was the Clinton Comets, and it wasn't just because they were the home team. It was because they were good, CRAZY good!
The Top 10 CNY Sports Stories EVER! – Will Smith
"In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days..." Nope, this isn't about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Instead, this pigskin prince by the same name was born in Queens, raised in Utica and spent most of his days on the gridiron.
The Top 10 CNY Sports Stories EVER! Richie Evans
Here's one for all the Romans out there as this guy was one of your own... Richie Evans or "The "Rapid Roman" as he was later known started his career at the tender young age of 16 when he rapidly left the family farm in Westernville (like Luke Skywalker or Superman?) to become a mechanic at a service station in Rome.

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