Did Gouverneur, New York's Steve Moses win this season of Big Brother? It came down to him and Liz in the final two but who did the jury vote for?

22 year-old Moses was declared the season 17 winner, after 3 months in the Big Brother house, beating Liz 6 votes to 3.

Moses, who is a genius that taught a Cornell class when he was only 18, doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. But his plans to win was to play the young and innocent card. It worked. No one saw Moses as a threat all summer long and it left him in the finals to win the grand prize of $500,000.

Moses is expected to return to his hometown Sunday. Before that, he'll make the media rounds, dropping in on the ladies of The Talk at 2pm today.

Watch Steve's hometown crowd erupt when he's declared season 17 winner of Big Brother.

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