A night of twists, a night of betrayal, and a night of nominations. Welcome to Season 14 of Big Brother. So what went down on our first nomination episode? We got the full rundown. Here's who got nominated on Big Brother

New Alliances


So far it seems that Team Janelle and Team Britney may have a new super alliance. It makes total sense. Let's have the two of the most competitive woman of Big Brother team up and go after two of the most competitive men. Janelle and Britney both have powerful players on board their team, and both don't have houseguests with any sort of targets on their backs. Frank and Willie seemed to form some sort of alliance, but as you read on you will see that changes.


Big Brother Coaches Are Now Competing


As I predicted earlier, Big Brother didn't just bring back these veterans to coach from the sidelines, they are now also competeting. Julie Chen announced that there was a new power and the coaches are allowed to compete to save one of their players. This power gives them a free pass for the week and keeps them safe from nomination. The competition also determines the “have nots.”

This week the competition involved two coaches running around a track in outfits with a horse. They had to chase after one another to try to pull the horse’s tail. Now here's the thing, the track was slippery and slick. Mike and Brit competed in the first heat and Mike won. Next Dan and Janelle competed and Janelle won. Janelle and Mike both played hard but Mike ended up winning in the third round. Mike decided to save Ian, despite Ian putting a huge target on his back by being annoying. Each coach then had to put one in the “have not” rooms. Whose in the Have Not room? Dan picked Danielle, Janelle picked Ashley, Mike picked Ian, and Britney picked Shane.


Week 1 Nominations On Big Brother Are In


Despite Frank trying to make an alliance with Willie, Frank and Kara were put up as we revealed in our spoilers. Frank was put up due to his strength, and supposedly Kara was too. I don't feel Kara is a strong competitor, and she was only put up due to her lack of communication with Willie.


Dave's Prediction



I agree with the nominations. Frank is a great competitor and he's already liked by all. If he goes far in the game, he will be hard to beat. I feel like Kara could have been nominated any week and voted out. So far she seems boring, and doesn't seem to have much of a game. I feel that the best move would be to vote Frank out, due to his strength. I guess we will find out once the Veto game is over on who will be up on the block for good.


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