Every summer CBS promises us a season of twists with Big Brother. This year, it looks like we have another major twist. It appears to involve 4 returning houseguests.

CBS isn’t really giving us many details yet, here’s what they provided:

In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game -- for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere on Thursday, July 12th at 9/8c! You won’t want to miss it!”

As you remember from last year, Big Brother had viewers vote on which duo’s they wanted back in the house. This year, it doesn’t appear that we were allowed to vote.


Dave’s Prediction


I’m just going to guess that these returning houseguests are 2 men, and 2 women. Now, that might sound so dumb considering the cast picture hints towards that above. It’s safe to assume that it won’t be longtime favorite Evel Dick. Dick has a Twitter and hasn’t hinted towards this, which is a shame. It would have been awesome watching him compete.

According to Big Brother Network, the four houseguests are pretty memorable names. The site is rumoring that Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & BB7) and Mike Boogie (BB2 & BB7 winner) could return to the house.

However, on Janelle’s Twitter she is making it seem like she isn’t coming back.

I can't wait for the premier of ‪#BigBrother14 this Thursday... Can't wait to find out who the 4 mentors are!”

Then again it could be a way to throw off viewers. I guess we will have to tune in Thursday night and see if the site is correct.


Do you think Mike and Janelle are coming back?


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