This past two weeks viewers of the live feeds have grown to really hate Devin. People have posted memes, and even rude jokes posted about him. Finally, the rest of America is starting to see Devin isn't the greatest player in Big Brother history.

On last nights episode, saying Devin went nuts is a bit of an understatement. Devin went crazy. Maybe it was all the power to his head, or maybe he's just a tad bit crazy. It's pretty clear a storm was brewing in the Big Brother house. It all seemed to start with a massive fight in the backyard between Devin and Caleb where Caleb told Devin that the woman in the "Bombsquad" alliance, are afraid of him. Devin didn't handle it to well, and ended up going to the HOH room to talk to himself for a while. Once the talking was over, Devin threatened to break up the alliance.

Zach didn't help clear things up either. He thought going against Devin was a great idea. During an alliance meeting, Zach told Devin he wasn't on board with his elaborate plan to vote out Brittany. Zach admittedly realized this was a HUGE mistake and tried to backpedal but failed to get himself back into Devin's good graces.

The Veto competition took place in a "space" themed backyard. Like in the past, house guests had to compete in putting together a mobile with planets hanging down. One rule, don't let anything touch the ground. Devin and Derrick were neck and neck until Devin bolted for his button and won the POV.

In one of the most bizarre moves EVER in Big Brother history, Devin made a complete 180 and decided to save Brittany at the last moment. Their conversation about being parents made him reconsider his initial nomination. This Veto meeting will spark one of the biggest fights in BB history. Big Brother gave us a 30 second taste of it last night, and tune in tonight for the rest of it.

Tune into CBS tonight after nine and see whether or not the housemates will have to vote to evict either Zach and Paola.

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