As Julia informed us tonight, expect the unexpected. Big Brother Season 13 kicked off with a bang tonight, with three huge twists that will change the game this entire summer. SPOILER ALERT, Here's a recap from your Big Brother Guru, Davey Jones. Get ready for Big Brother 2011, Big Brother season 13.

Jeff and Jordan

When the show first started we learned the first major twist of the season. This year house guests had to pick a partner. This isn't a easy choice because keep in mind these people just met  for the first time. Maybe they knew each other for five minutes before, if that. These partners will have to work as a team and try to make it to the final two to win the cash.

After the house guests entered the house they began to explain to one another who they were, or how they wanted to be portrayed. Unlike years past, three contestants lied about their occupation. Cassi didn't inform everyone she is a model, she told everyone she is a student. Porsche explained she was a student and didn't inform everyone she was a cocktail waitress. Keith informed us he was a “Relationship Consultant” and not a deacon. Why would everyone lie? They wanted to be perceived as strong players and not weak links. I don't think this will improve their game play, especially Porsche's. We learned some interesting facts such as the heavy metal rocker Adam was a huge fan of martinis, bacon, and the TV show 90210. Weird right? Who did everyone pick as partners?

Keith picked Porsche as his partner right off the bat. He had the hots for her, and figured this would help his game play, and relationship status. As Dominc worded it after Keith made his pick, “this show isn't prom”. He picked her for all the wrong reasons and Porsche showed regret after the fact. The next pairing, and the new pair I feel will go very far in this game, Shelley and Cassi. Next Adam the rocker picked Domnic. Lawon picked Kalia, which later we found Kalia wasn't so happy. We learned if one partner wins Head Of House (HOH), the other partner is safe for the week.


Julia then informed the cast that 3 duos from the past would return to the house. From last year the famous love couple of Rachel and Brandon were the first to enter the house. Rachel used her trademark phrase “I'm back Bitches!”, along with her annoying laugh. The next couple to enter the house was Jeff and Jordan, AKA the sweetheart couple of Big Brother. Our last duo from the past was the legendary Evil Dick and his daughter Danielle. Dick informed us that him and his daughter haven't spoken in three years, since they were on the show last and won.

After the Duos entered the house, they didn't have much time to sit around. They had to compete in their first HOH challenge. The Challenge was called Holding Banana's. The objective was to hold on to this big banana the longest. Contestants had to sit on the big banana while it rocked in the air, was shot at with chocolate and whip cream.

Shelly slipped off her banana first, being the first out. Jordan fell second, Keith was out third, and so on until we had three contestants left. The final three was Dick, Danielle, and Rachel. Rachel and Dick made a deal where Dick and Danielle would be safe if they fell and Rachel wouldn't put them up. As you already know, you can never trust someone in this game, but Dick and Danielle accepted the offer and Rachel won the first HOH.

Julia informed the contestants of the final twist of the summer. One partner will be evicted, and the one who survives will get the big brother golden key. The Golden Key guarantees you a spot in the top ten. Anyone who survives eviction in the first four weeks can not be nominated until ten are remaining in the house. The holders of the key can not compete in any competitions (such as HOH or Veto) but they are allowed to vote. 

I was really happy with the past duos. I love the sweetheart couple of Jeff and Jordan, you cant have drama without Rachel and Brandon, and Evil Dick will have a ball with this huge cast. So far it looks like the past duos will rule the house. If this new cast doesn't start winning challenges, they wont survive long. They are playing against two former winners, and a cast of former duos that made it to the finals. If I were any of these new members, I would be making alliances with these former duos. These people know how to play the game, and to not use them would be pointless. I can't make any other predictions on who I think will be put up until we see Sunday's episode.

Dave Wheeler

Daves Prediction So Far

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What do you think of the new season so far? Who are your favorites/dislikes? Who was your favorite duo from the past?

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