Have you seen the picture of Ryan Quinn with the caption "I can explain?" Well, it's time for him to explain. 

Ryan says his explanation of the silly photo is very disappointing. The bottom line is doing professional photo shoots makes him very uncomfortable, so he goofs around to lighten up the mood. "It's just my instinct to do stupid things like that...and there's a lot of stupid things I've done on film."

Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn

Ryan has wrapped up his college tour and is now home for the holidays. We asked him what food he misses when he's in LA and he says all the food. Every single thing. "There's no good wings or pizza or buffalo anything."

Ryan say's he's not a winter sport kinda guy so no, he won't miss the weather in CNY. He doesn't like all the chores that go along with the snow like shoveling.

Make sure to catch one of Ryan's shows while he's home! We sure will.

11/09 - Cavallo's (Saranac Winter) 6:30-9:30p
11/15 - Cavallo's, 7:30-10:30p (with Gary Johnson and Justin Smithson)
11/17 - Lukin's, Utica, NY, 10p-1a
11/22 - Corked (Cavallo's), New Hartford, 8-11p
11/25 - Dick Smith's, Utica, NY, 9p-12a
11/30 - Cavallo's, New Hartford, NY, 6-9p
12/01 - Lukin's, Utica, NY, 10p-1a
12/08 - Munson Williams (Private Event)
12/21 - Cavallo's, New Hartford, NY, 6-9p
12/22 - Lukin's, Utica, NY, 10p-1a
12/23 - Corked (Cavallo's), 8:30-11:30p

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