Ready to fall in love with Ryan all over again?

We came across the Ryan Quinn Vocal Reel, and we just had to share!

Ryan earned his first taste of stardom on The Voice, and we love supporting him any way we can.

Ryan tells us that he's singing/writing with some incredible jazz musicians, Hadrien Feraud and Scott Kinsey. Hadrien is a brilliant bassist, and Scott is a brilliant keyboardist.

I just recorded a song with them, though it isn't released yet. I'm playing two gigs with Hadrien this month at The Baked Potato, a pretty well-known jazz club in LA. One is on Monday, 10/21, and one is on Halloween..I'm recording an EP with my friend Aaron Kaplan (Rod Stewart, TV, Film Composer) at his studio in Torrance, CA. Aaron and his engineer, Ryan Johnson, are producing it with me. I think it's going to be good.

Ryan says he'll also be recording again with former 805 drummer and Rome native,  Frank Briggs. When Briggs first heard Ryan, he was impressed and wondered, "how did I not hear of this guy?" he became a real fan before he reached out to Ryan's dad, offering his help when he moved to LA.

Briggs put together an all-star band for Ryan that featured Loren Gold (The Who, Kenny Loggins) on keys, Chris Golden (Rod Stewart, Carly Simon, Black Eyed Peas) on bass, Aaron Kaplan (Rod Stewart, TV, Film Composer) on guitar and Briggs on drums.

Briggs says, "I am just trying to do whatever I can to give Ryan a leg up. To me, he's a star that just needs to be exposed to the rest of the world."

We love you Ryan! Keep following your dream! CNY supports  you 100%

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