For the last 5 years, local drummer, Kelly Yacco has gathered CNY musicians far and wide from all different walks of life to blend their talents together for a Christmas project. The previous four projects have been full-length CDs, but this year is your first chance to get a peek at what those recording sessions are like.

This year we covered the Band-Aid classic from 1984, 'Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed the World)'. Be sure to listen for more airings of this song on 961 The Eagle through Christmas!

THE BAND: Kelly Yacco: Drums & Djembe, Scott Henderson: Bass, Keith James: Piano/Keyboards, Max Scialdone: Acoustic Guitar

VOCALISTS: Justin Smithson, Ryan Quinn, Freddy Piperata, Zainep Abdelaal (Madame ZZ), David Paul Slife, Mike Sales, Mike Santalucia and Victor Ramirez


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