The Voice is back on NBC. Finally! Ryan Quinn stops into the studio and chats with Cindy about the TV show.

The Voice is back on every Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm. Are you ready for the blind

It's allowed me to pursue music full-time. That's my job.

auditions? The battle rounds? What about the knockouts and playoffs? WE ARE! The only thing that would make it better is to root for someone like Ryan Quinn!

Ryan stopped by the studio and we chatted about how being on The Voice has changed his life. He says it provided a huge fan base for him. "It's allowed me to pursue music full-time. That's my job."

Unfortunately, the judges don't keep in touch with most contestants, but Ryan is in contact with those that were in the competition.They hang out and perform together in California as often as possible.

Ryan wants everyone to follow their dreams. Don't listen to people who tell you-you can't-do whatever it is you love doing. He auditioned for The Voice 6 years ago with no callback and was bitter about it. Finally, his family bugged him into auditioning again and look what happened.

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