Hear about Ryan's Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies, his best gigs so far and one of his original tunes.  

Ryan Quinn is home for the holidays, and we love that he makes time for us in the Eagle Studio. Of course, we got him in for CNY Bands That Rock.

Ryan says one of his best gigs ever was the Stanley Theatre gig with the guys from Showtime, Gary Johnson, Dave Winfield and his buddy Sam.

"That was amazing. There was like a thousand people there. It was phenomenal. More recently in LA, I did a gig with the keyboard player from The Who, Loren Gold, we did a piano vocal gig at this really classy place for an hour and a half. Got to know him really well."

Ryan was recently in Colorado and sang in 3 Chris Cornell Soundgarden tribute shows thanks to a friend of a friend of a friend.

Ryan is looking forward to Thanksgiving with his family this year, something he missed out on last year. He loves his Moms peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies, the turkey, homemade stuffing and dad's pumpkin pie.

Don't forget to catch a show while Ryan's home!

11/15 - Cavallo's, 7:30-10:30p (with Gary Johnson and Justin Smithson)
11/17 - Lukin's, Utica, NY, 10p-1a
11/22 - Corked (Cavallo's), New Hartford, 8-11p
11/25 - Dick Smith's, Utica, NY, 9p-12a
11/30 - Cavallo's, New Hartford, NY, 6-9p
12/01 - Lukin's, Utica, NY, 10p-1a
12/08 - Munson Williams (Private Event)
12/21 - Cavallo's, New Hartford, NY, 6-9p
12/22 - Lukin's, Utica, NY, 10p-1a
12/23 - Corked (Cavallo's), 8:30-11:30p

We are pleased to partner with Big Apple Music in CNY Bands That Rock. Big Apple Music is a proud supporter of local musicians and bands.

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