Boxed Water – Say What? Everything we do these days is to minimize our carbon footprint.

We try to recycle our trash, repurpose furniture, and build with reclaimed wood. I will even opt for a greeting card made of recycled paper. I buy a lot of bottled water. As a family of two, we go through about a case a week, by the end of the year that’s a lot of plastic. While we do recycle, I still feel pretty guilty.

I saw a post on Facebook about boxed water and had to investigate. The company is called Boxed Water and what I liked a great deal is it’s a company with a purpose. The company has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to start a re-tree project and promises to plant over a million trees in the next 5 years in places that need it most.

The bad news, the closet stores that carry the boxed water is in Syracuse, the good news is you can order the Boxed Water online and have it shipped right to your door. So if you are looking to help the environment.







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