We see people everyday with their bottled water.

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But is there anything as refreshing as coming in from mowing the lawn and sticking your head under the faucet too cool yourself down and hydrate?

Just me? Ok then.

Clean water is one of those things that we take for granted. We turn on our facets and there it is. It is so routine that when our water is turned off for maintenance on pipes or what not, we try to turn on our faucets absent mindedly before we are reminded that this service we just expect has been temporarily suspended.

So what about those instances where the water flows as expected. but it's not what we think it should be?

One reddit user in Utica made a startling dicovery today. User "Material-Carrot-5381" posted the following image in the Utica subreddit today.

reddit user Material-Carrot-5381
reddit user Material-Carrot-5381

Accordint to "Material-Carrot-5381", the brown water started today.

Checking in with the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, there are a few service disruptions to take a look at. In Marcy, Luke Road from the pump station to the dead end had water shut off at 9:15am.

As well, crews are out at Toby Rd in Marcy, James St in Utica and First St in Utica. No telling if the user was in any of these areas.

So should you be boiling your water?

I would argue that if my water is brown, I may not be overly enthused about drinking it or cooking with it. But the good news is, per the Mohawk Valley Water Authority, we are not currently under a Boil Water Advisory. So, let's hope this is an isolated incident.

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