Apparently these things have been around for a little while, but it took a trip to Enchanted Forest/Water Safari, for me to finally get my hands on one.

This was probably the best quick meal I have ever had, and I realized pretty quickly that it is something very simple that you can make at home.  For a lot cheaper, I might add.

So what is it?  A walk-away taco is exactly that, you basically take it with you and eat it right out of a Dorito bag with no mess.  There are many variations of this, but this is how I had it and this is how I plan to make it at home.  Here are the ingredients:

Crushed ranch flavored Doritos

Pulled pork

Sweet Baby Rays Golden Wing Sauce

That's it.  In a bag, you crush up the doritos, add the pulled pork and top with the sauce.  You know as well as I do that there are about a billion different sauces out there and many variations to this.  Best part is that my kids loved them, so win win.

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