It turns out that cold snap may have been harder on our wallet than it should have been. Did you experience increased propane pricing or delivery problems leaving you out in the cold?

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is asking you to report any delayed propane deliveries and possible price gouging during the recent frigid temperatures. "No New Yorkers should have to freeze in this weather, and my office is looking into cases of unacceptable delivery delays and potential price gouging," said Schneiderman in a press release. "Any New Yorker being overcharged or left in the cold without propane should contact my office immediately."

The Attorney General is also urging New Yorkers to shop around for fuel oil as prices can differ drastically from one company to the next. You can even consider entering into fuel oil and propane contract for the season at a set rate.

To report delivering delays or price gouging contact the Attorney General's hotline at 518-776-2000 or file a complaint online.

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