This past Monday, two teen girls sang on the Levitt Amp stage and whether the rain kept you away or if you braved it anyway, here are five videos of 18 year old Lillie Ruth and 16 year old Abby doing their thing...

Lillie's Debut Singing and Playing Piano Simultaneously

Lillie has become a force to reckon with ever since appearing last year as an intermision act on the Levitt Amp stage. While Lillie has been taking voice lessons for years, she only recently started taking piano lessons (can you guess from whom?) and here's what it was like as she debuted her new skill in public for the first time.

The Voice's Shawn Smith Joins Lillie Onstage

Lillie invited Shawn Smith up to channel their inner Lady Gaga and Brad Cooper singing the ever popular duet from the movie.

Lillie Sings With Her Piano Teacher

I was honored to be invited up amongst Lilie's special guests to collaborate with her onstage for this Bruno Mars cover.

Abby Sings Her Second Public Show Ever

Although my daughter has sung in choir most of her life, she only recently started exploring her solo voice this past Spring. She competed at the Utica Teen Singoff at Handshake.City, which led her to the Levitt Amp stage. Here are the two songs that we did together, the latter of which includes a fun moment as the drummer from the upcoming headlining act sat in unexpectedly.


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