The Plymouth Prowler i  one of the concept cars that actually made it to production for a very short time at Chrysler and is this week's 'Classic Car Tuesday.'

Tom Gale joined Chrysler as an engineer not a designer.  It was the transfer of Tom Gale from engineering to design that started the ball rolling. Tom Gales' solution to help Chrysler at the time was to build concept cars-wild swoopy that were a million miles from the cookie cutter K-cars that Chrysler had been producing.

This 2000 Prowler belongs to local car buff Bill Demma and came out of Arizona within the last few years. The car came stock with a Plymouth 6 cylinder high output motor. Currently there is just under 20K miles on the car.

The Plymouth Prowler is no longer in production and is now one of the newer classics with a loyal following.




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