How would you like to drive this ground pounder 975 horsepower? Yes, it will scare your neighbors. This beauty is a 70 Dodge Charger with a blown Hemi and it belongs to Jean Williams.

Jean is the current owner and has owned the car for 32 years, she purchased the car back in 1985. This car has been gone through several paint jobs. When Jean first bought it, the car had the color black.

This charger has been a local car for as long as Jean has owned the car. She's pretty sure it was a local car right from the time it rolled out of Detroit in 70. Jean says this car is not for sale under any circumstance.

What attracts car collectors to one car over another? It's intangible, I just like this year over another is the answer you get. Along with, this is the car I had in when I was in school. Usually, collector cars never see inclement weather only beautiful bright sunny days, you know the ones that are very few here in the northeast.

Our thanks to Jean for sharing her 1970 big block Dodge Charger with us.

Enjoy this week classic on a Classic Car Tuesday.



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