When you think of American Graffiti there are few cars that come to mind and the trio of Chevy's pop up, the 55 2-door, 56 2-door, and the iconic 57 2-door. This week's 'Classic Car Tuesday,' a 56 2-door Chevy belongs to Jim McKenzie.

Jim says this was somewhat of a barn find without the barn. His first choice was sold out from under him and the search was on for his dream car. That dream car was a 1956 2-door. It took Jim a little while on the internet to track down his dream car but find one he did. It seems this attorney in Pittsburg had just what Jim was looking for, a 56 2-door locked away in a trailer for the past 5 years.

Jim and his wife went to see the car and ended up taking it home that day and the fun began.

Jim said the car was green on green from the factory. The color now is red on white, factory colors as well. Jim and his son stripped the car down to bare metal and the build was on. What Jim didn't know was he had help from a bunch of friends and car collectors and what he didn't do they did. Two years later Jim had the car pretty much done.

The power is provided by a rebuilt 283 and a Turbo 350 transmission. The original motor, a 283 steel motor, was completely gone through and just slightly punched by engine builder Steve Nolan. Steve added a mild street cam and did some work on the heads.

Jim and his son took 4 inches out of the front suspension and leveled out the back so the car didn't look like a 60's gas racer

Before you ask the car is done and no it's not for sale. To any male baby boomers, this is one of those cars you'd love to have in your garage.




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