This week's 'Classic Car Tuesday' is a 1959 Vette owned by Dean Getti of Utica.

We're not sure if Dean owns the car or the car owns Dean. This project is never really done, as there is always a small part here and there or something that always needs to be done.

When the car or should I say the parts came to Dean. it was a basket case from day one. Dean says he literally built the car from parts from Phoenix Arizona to Florida. Half of the parts fit and half didn't.

The car is now silver, but Dean painted it 3 times before settling on the color silver.

This car is a resto-mod, starting with the motor. The motor came from a 2004 Vette as did the heads. The block was bored 30 over and put back together with all new parts from top to bottom. The transmission came from a 95 Vette as did the chassis.

Dean installed C-5 Corvette wheels.

Needless to say, this car is not for sale nor will it be any time in the future.


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