What gets 5 miles to the gallon, has 700 horse power and scares the hell out of passengers?

This 1956 Chevy original builder was Steve's Restoration in Frankfort 6 to 7 years ago. Bill Schwerdt is the happy owner now and enjoys the looks he gets when he fires up this 700 horse power beast. Did we mention this gets a stingy 5 miles to the gallon.

Bill was the previous owner of 2 classics. A 32 Plymouth coup street rod and a 1956 2 door Chevy Belair  Both classics were very tame compared to the 700 horse power truck.

Bill was telling me a story about picking up the truck after having a little work done. Several guys in the shop said they were pretty sure the truck was all show and no go. Well, Bill stood on it and mouths dropped to the floor and Bill was pretty sure the front wheels came off the ground and scared the hell out of them more than Bill. Needless to say they all agreed the truck was and is all go and a lot of show as well.




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