“Expect the unexpected”, that’s what we were told when Big Brother Season 14 debuted last night on CBS. Here’s the full recap from last night’s premiere from CBS and your Big Brother Guru Dave.

Last night Big Brother opened up like a normal season with all 12 house guests entering the house. This year Julie had the houseguests enter in fours. The first four to enter were Wil, Ashley, Jodi and Frank. The next four were Ian, Shane, Jenn and Danielle. The final four to enter were Willie, Joe, Kara and JoJo. At this point we are introduced to our first twist of the summer with Willie.

Twist #1- The Four Returning Houseguests



In only a matter of minutes into entering the house, the players gather in the living room where Julie announces that the first twist of the summer is underway: four houseguests from previous seasons will be returning. At first the whole room seemed very upset, and threatened. We heard a lot of sighs and complaints. However, they have nothing to fear. They will actually benefit from these four returning champs.

As we reported with our Spoilers, the returning houseguests are: Dan, Janelle, Britney, and the infamous Mike ‘Boogie. Julie explains that the returning greats are not coming back to compete, but are returning to coach. This means we won’t see our champs competing to win HOH or POV. It appears they cannot cast vote to evict, but the one who coaches a new player into the winning spot will take home $100,000.


Twist #2- No Keys



Julie informs the new houseguests that unlike previous seasons, they did not receive a key as they entered the house. They will be playing for their keys and place in the game. Our new houseguests had to compete in a challenge in order to earn their way into the house, one member of the losing group of players will have to leave the house on their first day before even unpacking. The coaches picked out their players like a high school kick ball game and headed into the backyard for the first competition of the summer.

So far our Teams appear to be like this:

1)      Team Britney- Shane, Willie, and JoJo

2)      Team Boogie- Frank, Ian, and Jenn

3)      Team Janelle- Wil, Ashley, and Joe

4)      Team Dan- Danielle, Kara and Jodi


First Competition Of The Summer



We enter the backyard for the first time of the season for it to be set up as an obstacle course with large beds, and giant teddy bears. Here’s how the competition worked: Each player had to race across the beds, grab a bear, and bring it back to the start before the next player could go. Once all three bears were in the cubby holes, one player had to race across the beds again to turn on a light. The team with the fastest time won HOH, and the players with the slowest time lost and the coach had to pick someone to head home.

Team Britney wins and Britney has to pick a new HOH. She chooses Willie to be the first HOH of the summer. Her thoughts are that she knows for a fact that Willie has a target on his back. Team Dan loses and Dan has the difficult task of starting to think about which player he will send home. Julie gathers the guests in the living room and Dan reveals his decision to evict Jodi.


Dave’s Predictions


#1- Willie Is Russell Hantz Brother

Ian is the first to recognize that Willie resembles Russell Hantz from Survivor. Dan immediately asks Willie if he is related to Russell, Willie denies it. Willie informs us later in the show that he doesn’t want to tell anyone in the house that he’s Russell’s brother. He fears that the houseguests will fear him and see him as a major threat. My guess, they didn’t just happen to pick Russell’s brother out of the blue. I’m curious to see what will play out with this. Willie seems like a hard competitor so far like Russell. I think he’ll go pretty far in the game. I’m curious to see if Russell will play any role in the season. So far, I’m going to guess no. It’s Willie’s turn, not Russell’s.

#2- Coaches Become Players

I’m guessing Big Brother didn’t just bring these players back to coach. Of course they didn’t! We know that the four coaches are playing for their own prize of $100,000. But I’m assuming that’s not all they are doing. Big Brother wouldn’t have brought back the best competitors in the game to just sit on the sidelines. It’s like having an All-Star game with new players and old players as third base coaches. It just makes no sense. I’m going to assume down the line another twist will be revealed that they all become players.



Grab a full recap of last nights episode from CBS by clicking here. Tune in this Sunday 8PM EST for more Big Brother

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