One of the biggest twists of the summer was released. America has voted, and a new game has begun.

Results Of America’s Vote

Julie Chen made the announcement that the Coaches will have the choice to enter the game. If they enter then there’s no eviction and all HGs will play in tonight’s competition. The 4 coaches will have the chance to accept the challenge. All it takes is for 1 of the 4 coaches to accept and they’re all bound. Here’s how they voted


Britney votes ‘yes

Boogie votes ‘no

Dan votes ‘yes

Janelle votes ‘yes

HOH Results

So, no eviction to report on from last night. Now it’s time for the first endurance competition of the season to see who can be the next HOH. That means that viewers won’t find out till Sunday. Unless, you want some spoilers!




Really America? Why should the coaches be allowed to play? I give Mike Boogie big props. He voted no because he already won the game. Dan voted yes. Really? I could understand if they entered the game from the very first episode like last season. However, that wasn’t the case this year. I did predict it though, so at least a win for me.