Finally this season has provided an extremely bold move in a newbies game play. Let’s talk about the Power Of Veto.

Veto Competiton

As we informed you in our SPOILERS, our players this week for the Veto competition was Shane, Joe and Ashley, Danielle, Wil and Frank. The game was called “The Big Brother Circus”. Our houseguests looked the parts. The game was pretty simple. Houseguests had to keep two balls from touching the ground. Wil was first out followed by Joe. Frank is out next followed by Danielle,. So it’s between Ashley and Shane. Ashley’s ball hits the ground, so Shane wins. Shane is on fire! That’s three POV’s in a roll, and a HOH. Watch out houseguests.

Veto Ceremony

Shane announced that he planned on using the Veto. He took Ashley off the block and put up Frank in her place. Could this be the first blind side of the season?


Dave’s Predictions

I’m glad to see that Shane is kicking butt. What a big game move. This truly could be the first big blind side of the season if he can play his cards right. I just don’t get why people feel Frank is a huge threat. I did at first, but honestly I think is curly hair is a bigger threat. But my prediction is that they Vote Frank out. We will find out tonight live on CBS.