In a summer filled with possibly the most drama ever, life in the Big Brother house moves on. We have some spoilers on the Veto competition that took place over the weekend. So WARNING: MAJOR BIG BROTHER SPOILERS AHEAD

I’ll warn you one more time:




Let’s talk Veto…


Week 3 Veto Competition Results


Now we won’t be able to talk about the actual game, because we won’t see it till Wednesday night. However, we do have the results. This week’s POV winner is…

Shane. That’s Three Veto’s and one HOH this season. Shane is on fire. So far this season he’s proven that he’s a very strong competitor and challenger. Watch out houseguests.


Veto Ceremony


Watching the live feeds leading up to the Veto Ceremony we were treated to a world of drama. Shane, decided to use the POV and take Ashley off the block. As the current HoH he was also in charge of  putting another nomination in her place. Shane nominated Frank for eviction. Even though Frank negotiated a deal with Shane he was still put up.


Dave’s Prediction

It’s a tough call on who we think will be sent home this week. Will it be Joe the brown noser who cooks all the food? ORRRR Frank the strong competitor. I guess it would make total sense to vote Frank. Think about it, Joe isn’t a threat. He’s like Ian. You can vote these floaters out at any point in the game. So I hate to say it, I think Joe is safe. Even though I can’t stand him.

Let’s talk about the coaches for a second. Now we are in the process of America’s vote. America will either vote to allow the judges play the game, or sit on the sidelines. I’m hoping America votes no. Why? Boogie and Dan have played the game and won already. Why should we award them for more success? Especially Boogie. I’m a big Boogie fan, but three times in the Big Brothers house is enough don’t you think? Maybe that’s just me. What do you think?