2014 will be here in just a few days. It's a perfect time to look back at 2013. As a writer, it's always fun to look back at previous stories and see which ones were the most successful. So, that's what I did. I compiled a list of the top stories I wrote in 2013. The list is based on the page views and Facebook "likes" the stories received. Enjoy!

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10. Places to Get a Vegan Meal in Syracuse

Many of us who live in Utica have found ourselves taking the 45 minutes drive to Syracuse from time to time–whether it be for shopping, food or visiting friends and family. I find myself driving out to Syracuse at least four to five times a month. What do I do when I go out there? I mainly go for shopping (at Wegmans) and for the many vegan-friendly restaurants out there. In fact, Syracuse ranked fifth as the most vegan-friendly city in North America in 2010. A few weeks ago, I brought you my favorite places to get a vegan meal in Utica. Today, I would like to share with you my favorite places to get a meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free meal in Syracuse.

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9. Zach Names New Cat After John Lennon Song

After vowing never to get another cat because of the heartbreak experienced when my cat of 18 years died, I am now a new cat owner. Yes, I spent many years grumbling that I never wanted another cat. But, this cat’s circumstances were dire, and he needed a place to live. So, to make a long story short, I said, “Yes.” Because of the circumstances, we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare–so, we were racking our brains to find a cool name for our new pal. And, after a solid day of trying to figure out a name, one popped into my brain. My cat now has the name “Instant Karma,” after the 1970 John Lennon hit.

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8. Zach's Car Reaches Milestone

On a cold, 36 degree, spring morning, my car reached a milestone, which usually only happens once in a car’s lifetime. My car’s mileage has reached 123,456. Not only am I happy that I caught the moment right when it happened (I had to pullover and take the picture), I’m extremely happy my Toyota has lasted so long.

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7. Best Places to Get Hummus in Utica

I consider myself sort of a hummus connoisseur. Anytime a restaurant offers hummus on the menu, I have to order it. Being a vegan, it is a staple in my diet. I tend to make hummus at my house a lot. But, for those days I just don’t feel like making my own hummus, I turn to a few places in Utica that make great hummus. So, here’s a list of the best places in Utica to get hummus, in my opinion. Even though they all make the same dish, each place puts its own spin on hummus.

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6. 7 Unique Places to Find Hanukkah and Christmas Gifts in the Utica Area

Hanukkah is only a few days away, and Christmas is right around the corner. And that means people are going to be rushing to buy the best gifts they can find. But how great is a gift if it’s not unique or original? It’s like everyone has the same thing. Luckily, in the greater Utica area, there are many unique stores where you can find those one-of-a-kind gifts that nobody else has.

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5. How Much Gas is Left Until the Tank is Really Empty?

So, do you know how much gas is left in the tank when the low fuel light turns on? For those of us with older cars, we have to kind of guess how much longer we can drive before the car just stops from lack of gas. For those lucky people with a car that tells you how much you have left when the gas light comes on, you still might find this post interesting, especially if you are a passenger in an older-style car. If you’re like me, when the gas light turns on, you tend to panic a little bit. However, now thanks to DefensiveDriving.com, you can panic a little less the next time the gas light turns on.

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4. Wintertime in Clinton, NY--Zach's Weekly Snaps

As much as I dislike winter, there is a certain beauty that the season brings to the area. Every year, I try my best to like wintertime; however, no matter how much I try, the snow and cold make it miserable. This year, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of this very cold season, I decided to focus on the beauty this season has to offer. So, I would like to share with you a few photos I took in Clinton highlighting the beauty of wintertime. Here’s the latest edition of Zach’s Weekly Snaps. This week’s theme–Wintertime in Clinton, NY.

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3. 5 Famous People Who Lived in Clinton

I am fascinated with all the history around us in this area. Central New York has been home to many very famous people. But CNY is a big area. Let’s talk about a smaller area where famous people lived. Let’s talk about the small Village of Clinton. Can you name five famous people who lived in Clinton? Here are five famous people who, at one time in their lives, lived in Clinton, NY.

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2. 15 Signs You Grew Up in Clinton

Clinton is a great place to call home. And, if you grew up in Clinton, there are some things that most of us remember vividly about the little village (depending on how long you have lived there–some of us remember more than others). I want to share some signs that you’ll remember proving that you grew up in Clinton, New York (at least during the 80s, 90s and 00s).

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1. Woman Behind the Voice of Siri Went to Clinton Central High School

Various online news organizations are reporting that the voice behind Apple’s Siri feature is Susan Bennett. There is a video of her talking about her work as the voice behind Siri on CNN’s website. And, for those who live in Clinton or went to Clinton Central School, Susan Bennett might sound familiar. According to herFacebook page, it states that she attending Clinton Central High School in Clinton, NY.