So, do you know how much gas is left in the tank when the low fuel light turns on? For those of us with older cars, we have to kind of guess how much longer we can drive before the car just stops from lack of gas. For those lucky people with a car that tells you how much you have left when the gas light comes on, you still might find this post interesting, especially if you are a passenger in an older-style car. If you're like me, when the gas light turns on, you tend to panic a little bit. However, now thanks to, you can panic a little less the next time the gas light turns on.

According to the article "How Far Can You Go After the Gaslight Turns On?" by the Defensive Driving Team at, most cars have about 30 miles left after the gas light turns on before there is no gas in the tank.

"The truth is, once the gaslight switches on, you probably have more time than you realize to get to the gas station. Of course, every car is different, but most models give you at least 30 miles’ worth of warning before the tank is empty. Even a big truck like a Chevy Silverado will run for another 33 miles before it runs out of gas. But some models, such as the Toyota Corolla, will run for almost 50 miles before you have to fill up the tank. "

According to the website, if you drive a Mazda Miata, you have "34.62 miles" after the gas light turns on. If you drive a Ford Focus, you have "39.02 miles" after the gas light turns on. And, if you drive a Toyota Corolla, you have a nice "47.39 miles" left to drive after the light turns on before you are completely empty.

You can check to see if you're car is on the list, and read the full story, here.

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