Clinton is a great place to call home. And, if you grew up in Clinton, there are some things that most of us remember vividly about the little village (depending on how long you have lived there--some of us remember more than others). I want to share some signs that you'll remember proving that you grew up in Clinton, New York (at least during the 80s, 90s and 00s).

If you grew up in Clinton, you remember:

15. An Event at the Village Green

Jumpin' Zach Flash, Oldiez 96.1

Whether it was a concert or farmers' market, you remember attending an event at the Village Green.

14. A Drugstore, Bakery and Bookstore located on West Park Row

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When I was growing up in Clinton, there was a CVS Pharmacy located on West Park Row. There were a few name changes over the years--Revco and Park Row Drugstore. In addition to the drugstore, people who grew up in Clinton remember Hemstrought's Bakery and Park Row Booksellers.

13. Having a Meal at Alteri's Restaurant

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If you grew up in Clinton, there is a good change you had some of the best pizza and pasta in the area at Alteri's. Great food with a great atmosphere.

12. Walking around Root Glen at Hamilton College

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There is a chance that if you lived in Clinton for a while, you probably walked around Root Glen a few times. Check out these pictures of Root Glen.

11. Swimming at the Clinton Pool (Jack Boynton Community Pool)

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When I was a kid, I remember always going to the Clinton Pool during summer vacation to cool off on those hot, hot days.

10. Kids' Crossing Playground at Clinton Central School

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If you grew up in Clinton, you definitely remember playing on the Kids' Crossing Playground right behind the elementary school.

9. Hearing the Fire Whistle

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Even if you didn't grow up in Clinton and you live in the surrounding area, you have heard the fire whistle for the Clinton Fire Department. It's one of those sounds you can never forget.

8. Shopping at the Jolly Butcher Grocery Store

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Located where Access Federal Credit Union is now, the Jolly Butcher was a very common place to buy groceries in Clinton. If you grew up in Clinton, you probably remember going inside the store with your parents at some point in your childhood.

7. Shopping at Great American and Tops

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Located where the Dollar General is now, there was a grocery store called Great American. I definitely remember going there. I would ride my bike to the store and buy candy. Also, while I'm on the topic of grocery stores, if you grew up in Clinton recently, you remember that in the same building that Hannaford is in now, there used to be Tops.

6. Drinking Cider from the Clinton Cider Mill

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This is something I still love to this day--going to the Clinton Cider Mill to get some cider. If you grew up in Clinton, you probably remember going to the Cider Mill after school to get a sweet treat and some cider.

5. Watching a Clinton Central School Sporting Event

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Football, field hockey, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and track and field--if you went to Clinton Central School, you definitely remember watching one of these sporing events.

4. Being Able to Leave School Grounds During Lunch

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One the perks about going to school in Clinton was that students could leave school grounds for lunch. And around the little village, there are plenty of restaurants for students to grab a quick bite to eat.

3. Spending time at the Kirkland Town Library

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There is a good possibility that you visited the Kirkland Town Library if you grew up in Clinton.

2. Watching a Hockey Game at the Clinton Arena

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If there is one thing that Clinton is known for, it's hockey. There is probably a 98-99 percent chance that if you grew up in Clinton, you watched at least one hockey game or ice skating show at the Clinton Arena. I mean, everyone from Clinton has been to the Clinton Arena, right? Right?

1. Watching a Movie at the Cannonball Theater

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The building is still there; however, there are no movies playing. If you grew up in Clinton, at least in the 90s, you remember watching a movie at the Cannonball Theater on Fountain Street. I can't remember the movies that I watched, but I certainly remember the movie theater.


I'm sure there are many, many more signs showing that you grew up in Clinton that you can remember. Post all the things you remember about Clinton in the "Leave A Comment" box below.