weeks blend is from California as well.

Last week we opened 'Wine a Little Wednesday' with a red blend from California. You'll remember that blend is also red but not a heavy red like a Merlot or cab. This weeks blend is from California as well.

I was reading in Wine.com California is responsible for a full 90% of all wine that is produced. Amazing huh? California has come a long way in the production of wine.

We have some good friends that live in Albany and like reds as much as we do. They suggested we try Shebang Red. I guess the blank stares coming back across the table was a dead giveaway Shebang Red was one we had never heard of before.

I must say Shebang is the single best red blend I have tasted to date. Be sure and try Shebang and let me know what you think.

Enjoy and we'll talk next Wednesday.


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