This weeks 'Wine a Little Wednesday' Chardonnay comes to us from Chile, Central Valley, South America to be exact.The winery has been around since 1750.

So, the winery must be doing something right or they still wouldn't be here making wine.

This is an estate bottled wine. In case you don't know estate bottled means the winery controls the whole show from start to finish. This is a double edge sword if the process starts out well you're in good shape at the finish. One mistake can cause things to go the other way just as quickly.

I must say, I'm not a big fan of South American wine, ok I'm not a fan at all. This Chardonnay has an after taste that does more than raise your eye brows.

Los Vascos is thought to be one of the best in Chile but does not carry over to the US. This wine is inexpensive and if you like wine from Chile.give it a shot

Have a good week and drink wine!



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