This weeks 'Wine a Little Wednesday'  we will try and talk LaPostolle Le Rose' from Chile.

Rose' seems to be all the rage in Hollywood. All the celebrities are drinking it, it's just the hip wine to drink these days. I'm a white chard kind of guy in the spring and summer and a red kind of guy in the winter. I have to admit: I had to know what all the hype was about with these blush wines, so I finally decided to give it a try myself.

Whenever I try something new in wines, I try to keep it pretty conservative in price. The wine is LaPostolle Le Rose' and it's from Chile', and it is priced around $13.99. I expected the wine to be sweet for some reason. What I found was it actually was very subtle in sweetness. I really enjoyed it. I tasted hints of fruit, and it seems to have a little acidic finish.

Based on this experience I would taste another Rose' and see if it is dramatically different. Maybe I would try a bottle that was a little more pricey and talk to one of the wine experts to see what they would suggest as I went into this tasting blindly.

Have a good week and drink wine!


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