This week for 'Wine a Little Wednesday," we head north in California for a Pinot Noir called Prophecy is a California Pinot Noir 2015 Wine.

You'lll recall last week we touched on the use of an aerator to let your wine breath and in doing so having the taste of your wine really change in some cases.

We actually decided to do a little experiment with our wine this week. We did a blind taste test using an aerator. We wanted to find out if it really made that much of a difference.

My Wife set up two glasses and pored one through an aerator and the other straight from the bottled.I was the test subject. We used the Prophecy Pinot as the test wine.

First I tried the wine without the aerator and then with the aerator. One sip and the difference was huge in taste and in the smoothness of the wine. I was able to tell the difference after trying the second test glass. Wow, I didn't think it would be that dramtic from one too the other but boy was I wrong.



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