This week for 'Wine a Little Wednesday,' we cross the United States and head to Northern California to the Napa Valley, home for Chardonnay and Gnarly Head Wine.

This wine is vinted using "OLD" vines similar to the vines used for Gnarlly Red's. The vintners pick the grapes used for Chardonnay early in the morning while the grapes are still cool. The grapes are transported to the winery to be pressed and the next stop is the vintner.  You'll notice the wine is very smooth with no after taste, almost lite. The grapes used for the Chardonnay are from Lodi and Monterey, northern California just south of San Francisco.

So, Gnarly has produced a very good red and now has kept me on board with a very good white for under $10. I can say Gnarly Head has become one of my favorite white's and it may be yours as well.

Enjoy and drink wine.



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