Truth be told I am not the Chardonnay drinker in the family, that would be my wife. I do sample a chardonnay from time to time if she raves about something she comes across. This is one of those times.

In this week's 'Wine a Little Wednesday,' we feature Josh, a chardonnay.

My wife and I are not wine or food critics. We are just a couple of folks that like wine in a very general sense. We both agree this wine is very lite and goes well with chicken, chicken Francese to be exact. My wife is a very good Italian cook so we end up trying different wines with different dishes.

Keep in mind what we like you may want to throw out the window. However it never hurts to try something new and hopefully we can share our thoughts on wines we've tried..

If you don't like sweet, and you like something that has a summery feel, you should give this Chardonnay a try.

Smile it's, Wine A Little Wednesday...



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