Every morning you need to wake up to get to work and start your day. It can become a very boring routine  Want to switch it up in time for Valentines day? How about adding some morning sex to the mix? Here's reasons why morning sex is the best sex for your health, and for your total well being.

Morning Sex Makes You Look Better

We aren't telling you that you look ugly the rest of the day, but apparently its a known fact that morning sex makes you shine. In women, chemicals that boost levels of estrogen get released. These chemicals improve the tone and texture of your skin and hair.

Morning Sex Boosts Your Immune System

Looking to avoid that cold this winter? Avoid the drug store when the cure is right at home in bed. Morning sex increases your levels of IgA. IgA is an antibody that protects against infection, keeping you strong and healthy like an ox.

Morning Sex Is The Best Time To Have An Orgasm

When you read that you probably thought I made that up. What does a non-college grad radio brand manager know about health? Well lucky for me my good friend Dr. Oz said this line first. Seriously, watch this video where he says the truth.

Morning Sex Lets You Skip The Morning Workout

Who wants to go to the gym in the morning with 10,000 other people? You can get the best workout right at home. According to research, half an hour of sex burns almost 150 calories. The best part, you can shower after wards and not go to work smelling like a bag of gym socks.

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