Just when you think you've seen it all. This was actually uncomfortable for me to watch and once again the internet brings something to your eyes that you might not see otherwise. This is sure to heat up the fires of the gun debate that are already raging hotter than Krakatoa. Caution: This VIDEO Is Not Appropriate For Younger Audiences...


In the middle of his speech, Ahmed Dogan gets a gas-powered gun shoved in his face and quickly bats the gunman's hand away giving the politician valuable seconds that he needed to escape out of harm's way. Even more visually shocking to me was the way bodyguards and onlookers started kicking the living s**t out of the assailant rather than using only enough force to simply detain him. Even the Turkish Party Leader whom almost lost his life came back over and kicked the guy in the head, which I can't really blame him for. Crazy.

Thankfully this disaster was averted rather than going down in history books in the way it has so many times in the past. It baffles me why people feel the need to resort to such extreme measures when they have a beef with someone... Mind blowing... Sorry, bad choice of words.

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