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Proposed Gun Law in NY State To Limit Sale of Bullets
Is it possible that New York State gun laws may become stricter in 2016? The NY Safe Act has already put tight restrictions on gun owners in the state and many feel their 2nd amendment rights are being violated. Now some state legislators want to put restrictions on how many bullets you can buy.
What Do We Do About Bullying?
One local mom decided to take matters into her own hands after her daughter came home one day complaining of bullying. Now, this wasn't your typical case where some kid was calling names or demanding lunch money, this one crossed an even bigger line
Boy Pleads Guilty In Murder Plot
Gun control is the biggest topic in America today. We hear stories of adults going crazy with guns, but this one will make you say "Oh my God" out loud at your desk. A 10 year old boy out of Washington State has plead guilty in a murder plot of a young girl and several others. What…