Were you watching TV when this happened? My kids and I were watching Nick Jr. when up pops a notification that the station is going off-air for 17 minutes to support the kids who walked out today for the same amount of time at 10am nationally in protest of gun violence in schools. The toddlers were a bit upset that their program was interrupted but that's nothing compared to the disruption that this gun violence epidemic has caused. Several CNY schools were involved in the walkout as well, including my kid's school in New Hartford.

photo: Keith James
photo: Keith James

I got curious and decided to flip through the other stations and found another 11 stations off-air as well, all of which were Viacom stations like BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Logo, Paramount, TV Land and others. MTV and VH1 actually had a running tally of student  stories of those who lost their lives and also living young professionals taking a stand. Did this happen to you too?


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