Albany Landlord Allegedly Kidnaps Tenants
Late on rent? Do the neighbors bang on the ceiling trying to get you and your unruly kids to pipe down?  Well, let's hope you have an understanding landlord!
This has to be the most bizarre story to come out of the Capital Region in some time.  I literally thought this was something that you would se…
‘Defund The Police’ Phone Scam Circulating
It seems every time we turn around there is a new group of scammers that are calling and trying to get money and personal information. The latest one is claiming to collect donations for police that are affected by the defund the police movement. Here's what to watch out for.
Area Kayaker Has Rare Encounter with a Seal [Video]
Wildlife encounters in the Capital Region happen with enough regularity that deeming them  'rare' might seem like a bit of an overstatement.  But with that being said, running into a moose, bear or bobcat isn't something that many of us in the area can claim.  Imagine kayaking or swimming in the Hud…

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