Yesterday, a video of a VVS student who is also a hunting enthusiast surfaced on YouTube and caused quite a bit of alarm. The video has since been taken down and the incident investigated by police and school officials to be of no threat to the school. There is a police presence at the school today also to help alleviate additional concern for students and parents who elected to trust the conclusion of the authorities.

The student in question is also home today too as a precaution and school officials along with law enforcement report that they had a successful and productive interview with the student and parents together. In a wise move, the parents and student both have decided to remove all guns from their home of their own accord.

The swift action by authorities to determine if there was a threat and their communication efforts via mass text messages and emails to parents once they rendered the so-called threat null is impressive. Also, the child and their parents are to be applauded for relinquishing their Constitutional right to have and use guns in their home while they explore together as a family what's next for them.

We have a long way to go before this problem is solved in our country, if it ever will be but I'm proud that those in my home district handled themselves uprightly and safety was preserved in this case.

'If you see something, say something' WORKS!!


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