The city of Fulton and parts of downtown Syracuse are the most economically distressed and not expected to make any strides to change anytime soon according to a new report from the Economic Innovation Group.

This organization recently released their 2017 Distressed Communities Index. The report is based on a number of different things, measuring the well-being of our nation's towns and cities by using a series of factors that paint a broad picture of health for towns across the nation.

On a scale of 0 to 100 measuring the amount of economic distress, 0 being the best and 100 being the worst possible outcome for the city being examined. The city of Fulton received a distress code of 90 and in some categories even higher.

Categories used in the measurements but not limited to these categories are the following:

Number of High School diplomas

Housing vacancy rate

Unemployed adults

Poverty rate

Median Income ratio

Changes in employment

Changes in a business establishment.

Fulton is on the top end of the reported scale and that does not paint a bright picture for the city of Fulton.



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