Do you commute on Higby Road? There's a new speed limit that went into effect Sunday, October 8, 2017.

A lower speed limit is now in effect in Frankfort on Higby Road as of Sunday. Higby Road was 55 mph, but it's been lowered to 45 mph, and the Pumpkin Patch portion is now 30 mph. WKTV says residents already notice a difference.

Homeowners told WKTV that they were concerned with the high speed. They say more than 76 accidents have occurred in the last three years with many fatalities. After a NYS DOT traffic study, a lower speed was submitted to Herkimer County, and now the town of Frankfort has a new speed limit in effect.

WKTV says extra patrols from the Frankfort Police Department will be out to enforce the new speed limit.

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[Information from WKTV]

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