For about four days at the end of October, some parts of the City of Little Falls will be transformed into a movie set.

According to, a crew from Paramount Pictures and "The Office" star John Krasinski will be in the city to start shooting scenes for the film "A Quiet Place".

In a phone interview conducted by the website, Little Falls Mayor Mark Blask says some of the streets being used for the shoot include Albany Street, Main Street and Route 167 on the Wind Bridge. Little Falls Police are coordinating with the Department of Transportation to work on a plan to close some of the city streets, but not so much that city residents won't be able to get around.

Earlier this summer, Krasinski and the Paramount film crew visited the area and met with the mayor to determine if the city was a "good fit" for the movie.

"A Quiet Place" will star Krasinski (who also serves as the film producer) along with his wife actress, Emily Blunt. The film will also shoot in the Ulster County town of New Paltz has an early spring, 2018 release date.


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