You've heard the saying deer in headlights. How about deer in produce?

It’s that time of year again when deer seem to be abundant. Driving in the City of Utica you will often see them crossing the roads at night.

I’ve come home in the middle of the day to see a deer walking right down the middle of the street.

They munch on my plants, I think they’ve eaten several mums, well them or pesky rabbits. I've also awoken to them in the middle of the night chomping on our bushes in the Winter. It’s tough to get mad at them, however, as they are beautiful animals. My neighbor had a mom give birth to a fawn right in her backyard on her deck.

But you can imagine the surprise for these shoppers to be greeted by a dear in the produce section of the Price Chopper.

Well, you have to give him credit he was hungry and headed right to produce, exactly where you think a deer would go. Based on the story from New York UpState he was a pretty tame guy and seemed very unaffected by the shoppers. He strolled the produce area and was easily lured out the door by some food.

Question, did he request plastic or paper on his way out?


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