Back in like 2009, I stumbled across this guitar cover of Toto's 'Africa' that completely blew my mind. I didn't know who Andy McKee or tap guitar technique (tapping on the strings at the fretboard instead of strumming them) was at that time, but after watching this little 4.5 minute long video, I never saw a guitar in the same way again. I immediately picked up my guitar to see if I could try it and I did exactly that... TRY until my callouses fell off. After much tab reading and YouTube video tutorials, I still could only manage portions of the tune... Watch and be inspired as much as I was and if you think THIS was nuts, wait until you see more of his work!



Come to find out after MUCH research that part of why the tune was so impossible (besides his obvious mastery) was because Andy uses a special guitar (worth thousands) with special strings and is set up in a special way to make tapping easier, so even armed with the tabs (cheat sheets) for the song and many others playing it on YouTube, if you just can't make it work, it may not all be completely your fault ;) But if you wanna try, you can find the sheet music and more by clicking the button below... After your draw drops from one of Andy's originals...




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