Terry Johnson from the Swamp Drivers loved all the help in naming his new homemade guitar made of NASCAR parts. 

Terry Johnson has made more than 20 instruments that are used exclusively by the Swamp Drivers Band. The latest edition is a NASCAR Guitar inspired by Dale Earnhardt. Kerry Earnhardt, Dales oldest son, has checked out this guitar thanks to the Utica-Rome Speedway.

We had hundreds and hundreds of votes, and the winning name is... The 'NASCAR Guitar' on the top line and the next line  'The Intimidator.' Some honorable mentions include

  • The Dale O Caster
  • The Swampinater
  • Swamp Cruiser
  • The Legend

Thanks to all who participated. Hopefully, we can talk Terry into doing this again with 96.1 The Eagle.

BONUS Video:

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