Swamp Drivers New Instrument
We've introduced the Hog-O-Caster, Saranac FendOar Guitar, Six String Pitchfork Guitar, the Plunger and more homemade instruments from The Swamp Drivers. Are you ready to see their new guitar and vote on a name for it?
Swamp Drivers Hog-O-Caster
Terry 'MoJo' Johnson of The Swamp Drivers stopped by the studios and brought their new edition to the family. They named her the Hog-O-Caster, and she's a beauty.
Watch An 8-Year Old Shred!
Playing a musical instrument as a teenager or adult and doing it well is astonishing enough, but there's just SOMETHING about seeing a kid play with technique that would make other more experienced musicians jealous
The Pied Guitarist
Since when does Hugh Jackman play Flamenco guitar?? I mean not only is Estas Tonne a dead ringer for the Wolverine actor (with hair extensions) but he's also got the nails to match!!
Tap Guitar Master
Back in like 2009, I stumbled across this guitar cover of Toto's 'Africa' that completely blew my mind. I didn't know who Andy McKee or tap guitar technique (tapping on the strings at the fretboard instead of strumming them) was at that time, but after watching this little 4.5 mi…
Vox Guitar Used By Lennon And Harrison Sells At Auction
If you think you way overpaid for that Fender Strat you bought a few years ago, you haven’t seen anything.
Over this last weekend, a guitar that was once played by John Lennon and George Harrison, fetched 408 thousand dollars.  Wow, that’s a lot of sterling.
Pure Talent
This 14 year old girl isn't just good for her age, she's smokin hot on guitar PERIOD! So, what else to cover than a little Eddie Van Halen? Of course. Give this 'Eruption' video a click or two or ten and be prepared to be amazed.

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